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Managing HR & benefits interactions with our clients’ employees throughout the employment lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement.


Human-Centric User Experience

Experience Focus





HR as a Service

From recruit through retire , we deliver next-gen global solutions across any point in an employee's journey, helping clients realize the full & true potential of an end to end engagement on a global scale


  • Human-centric solutions driven to improve employee experience, streamline HR practices, reduce costs, increase productivity.

  • Information is relevant to the employee in their language and their applicable HR policy eligibility

  • Employees  indicate the channels they want to use for different types of communications or notifications, with the ability to set custom alerts


  • Real-time updates of information that is accessible from the employee portal through single sign-on

  • Portal / App driven functionality at all time

  • Consolidated HR data automates processing, establishes clear governance and creates audit trails, while reducing cycle time, errors and employee inquiries.


  • Enable companies and their employees to make confident decisions through tailored experiences and intelligent insights for the moments that matter.

  • Improve employee experience, streamline HR practices, reduce costs, increase productivity, provide employees with information needed to make important decisions, and provide HR teams with the information and insights they need to succeed.

  • Interaction history is tracked and retained, creating analytics identifying where strategic improvements can be made to HR processes

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