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Empowering Collaboration, Inspiring Innovation:
Uniting our expertise to define excellence

Surabhi is a multifaceted company with expertise in three primary sectors: Healthcare revenue cycle management, distribution of high-end medical equipment, and BPO support services. Our strategic services and solutions are designed to streamline operations, tackle complex challenges, and support clients at every stage of their journey towards modern transformation.

Certified as an ISO 9001-2015 company, Surabhi has gained recognition for its commitment to quality, bolstered by various regional and international affiliations. With its headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, and operational centers in Hyderabad and Pune, India, Surabhi is dedicated to delivering top-notch results characterized by precision, timeliness, and excellence.

Our clients, benefiting from over 25 years of industry-specific technical and regulatory expertise, enjoy tailored services that significantly enhance their operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

Our Core Values

Our core values, grounded in passion, quality, and impactful delivery, drive our commitment to building a better future and meeting our customers' needs.


Our pursuit of excellence is driven by high professional standards in delivering quality products and services to our partners and stakeholders. We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, every day and strive to be the best.


We seek to pioneer the effective deployment of technology to maximize the impact & benefits to our partners and stakeholders. New ideas, new possibilities and new ways of working strengthen our global outlook and boundless creativity.


We believe in leading from the front with conviction, initiative and accountability. Our aim is to create a balance between grassroots experience, strategic thinking and policy making, with thoughtful action and an agile approach to problem-solving.


Being honest, dedicated and loyal with transparency in ownership and communication represents the spirit of our daily work life. We follow the golden rule by treating others as we wish to be treated and by meeting our commitments.


We work with diverse individuals and organizations to achieve common goals and inclusive solutions, in a mutually empowering way.


We seek to create transformational, sustainable and scalable economic acceleration in niche areas of emerging economies, resulting in positive and high-impact outcomes.

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