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Dr. Gautam Hrishikesh Sharma ~ Managing Partner

Gautam is Managing Partner with over 32 years of multi-faceted experience in SMB, Enterprise, and retail business models, including goto market, direct, n-tier distribution, and e-commerce. He helps portfolio companies in their business transformation efforts to enhance customer and shareholder value significantly. 
Gautam has more than two decades of diverse international business experience in research, analytics, and product management positions at NTPC, Dodge, Blackberry RIM, and Siemens. He specializes in inspiring leadership of teams across diverse geographies, customer engagement, quality and transparency measures, and a legacy of developing high-potential global talent. 

Gautam graduated from Mumbai University with a Bachelor's degree in Arts, PGDCA from IGNOU. 

Subbu Veeraghanta ~ CIO, Vice President Operations

Subbu draws upon his 23 years of experience in Information Technology and Operations to spearhead innovative healthcare IT solutions. His responsibilities include formulating and executing strategies focused on reducing time to market, enhancing systems integration, and ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

Before establishing Surabhi, Subbu acquired a wealth of experience from leading organizations like Trafalgar House, Rolls-Royce, eBay, and UHC where he concentrated on technology solutions that improve delivery and management in various sectors.

Subbu's academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Andhra University and a PGDCA from IGNOU. He has also undergone specialized training in AI strategy at MIT Sloan and Business Management at Yale School of Management

Jennifer G. Johnsen ~ General Council

Jennifer oversees the global general counsel for the company and its various branches. Her responsibilities also include leading and managing the organization's compliance and ethics program.

With more than 33 years of professional experience, JJ is a highly seasoned expert. She has been a part of Surabhi since its foundation, serving in diverse roles where she consistently provides strategic guidance in aligning the company's strategy, compliance, and resources.

She earned her bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University and holds a doctorate in music. In her personal time, Jennifer is actively involved in volunteering for RedCross.

Hana Anh ~ Director Finance

Ms. Hanna brings 16+ years of financial expertise, demonstrated by her role in overseeing financial management and planning, actuarial, tax, accounting, corporate services, sourcing and financial reporting functions.

At Surabhi, Hanna is responsible for the company’s investor relations, financial management, budgeting and forecast, sourcing and financial reporting, and administrative functions.

Prior to joining Surabhi, Hanna worked at 3Com, Shell, MCI WorldCom, and SCHA. 

Ms Hanna is a finance graduate from the University of South Carolina and is a mentor at DeAnza Collage in Cupertino, California

Nagaraju Jaggari  ~ Delivery Head, Project Manager

Nag heads our professional service delivery and serves as the project manager. He brings 12 years of expertise in Business Operations, IT and Customer support services, specializing in both onshore and offshore integration initiatives.

Nag's career is marked by a diverse range of roles where he has excelled in managing delivery and fostering innovation across multiple verticals, including Healthcare, E-Commerce and Technology Support. His expertise extends to end-to-end product life cycle management, showcasing his versatility and depth in various domains.

Nagaraju holds Bachelor of Sciences and Industrial Chemistry from Osmania University and is certified in HIPAA, MCSE, CCNA.

Jyothi G. Reddy  ~ Assistant HR, FP&A Manager

Jyothi is a proficient Human Resources and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) expert, showcasing a wide-ranging proficiency in HR disciplines such as employee relations, benefits management, recruitment, and compensation, alongside strong financial analysis skills.


Renowned for effectively handling sensitive and confidential information with diplomacy, patience, and discretion. Demonstrates a proactive approach in problem-solving, adept at identifying, addressing, and resolving emerging issues. 

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