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Project Manager (CS)

Location: Hyderabad, India


We are seeking a talented Project Manager to oversee and manage our company's ongoing projects. This role involves collaborating closely with team members to establish project timelines, allocate tasks, and consistently track and report on the project's progress. Key responsibilities include delivering project outcomes, crafting and maintaining detailed status reports, and developing and implementing effective communication strategies for each project.

What you'll do:

The Ideal candidate will exhibit a strong background in project management, showcasing an exceptional ability to guide and inspire teams of various sizes. A key aspect of this role is the direct liaison with clients to guarantee that project deliverables are met within the agreed scope and budgetary constraints. You will be expected to facilitate coordination across different departments, ensuring a harmonious integration of project components. Furthermore, this position may require proactive talent acquisition to meet evolving client needs and project goals.

  • Team Coordination: Ensure alignment among team members across various disciplines regarding project requirements, deadlines, and schedules.

  • Issue Resolution: Conduct regular meetings with team members to discuss and resolve challenges.

  • Report Preparation: Compile status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing pertinent data.

  • Communication Strategies: Develop and implement efficient project communication plans, ensuring their effective execution.

  • Document Development: Oversee the creation of user manuals, training materials, and other necessary documentation to facilitate successful client implementation and processes.

  • Financial Management: Handle budgeting, planning, and forecasting tasks.

  • Client Engagement: Actively interact with clients and potential customers.

  • Opportunity Development: Identify and cultivate new business opportunities with clients.

  • Client Satisfaction: Manage and enhance customer satisfaction levels.

  • Project Monitoring: Keep track of project progress and report regularly.

  • Project Lifecycle Management: Oversee the entire project lifecycle from inception to completion.

  • Oversee Standards and Compliance: Participate and ensure periodic compliance reviews including ISO, HIPAA and other corporate standards.

What you must have:

  • Professional Background: Bachelor's degree with atleast 4yr of experience in relative position

  • Management Expertise: Solid grasp of formal project management methodologies.

  • Team Leadership: Skilled in guiding diverse project teams to successful completion.

  • Communication Skills: Exceptional skills in both international client interaction and internal communication.

  • Technical Proficiency: Experience with any CRM tool, Microsoft Office Suite

  • Documentation and Strategy: Ability to develop comprehensive project reports and strategic plans. 

  • Prior Experience in Healthcare, Insurance and or IT domains is a great plus


At Surabhi, we take great care to develop and uplift our employees' abilities and deliver top-notch results. Our selective teams along with industry reputed partners undertake this endeavor. It is a continuous process at Surabhi which provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals to specialize in their skills and keep us ahead as one big team.

We ask an employee to provide us one month notice should they choose to disembark for a smooth transition. We enforce this by retaining one month of employee’s gross pay, deducting 50% of it within the first two months. This retention amount will be paid in full during the final settlement of the notice period.

We, therefore ask you to apply ONLY if you choose to accept and work within these terms

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