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Efficient and Modernized Billing Services

Surabhi streamlines your billing process, eliminates administrative hassles, increases your earnings, and updates every aspect of your practice management. Our commitment to efficient billing is reflected in higher revenues and profit margins for your practice.

Our Process

Surabhi's medical billing and coding services are designed to enhance the efficiency of your medical practice and support its growth. With our expertise team, you can effectively manage patient data, boost your practice's profitability, expand your patient base, improve collection rates, and minimize the incidence of claim rejections.

Error-Free Charge Entry

We ensure precise charge entry to facilitate first-time approval of claim submissions. We collect demographic and charge information for each patient from you. Our billing team inputs these charges daily to process the claims efficiently.

Real-Time Insurance Verification

We meticulously confirm the insurance eligibility of each patient to enhance your workflow efficiency, significantly shorten the accounts receivable period, and effectively avoid claim denials.

Claim Submission and Scrubbing

Our team of billing specialists and our thorough scrubbing process ensure the submission of clean claims. In the event of any rejections, we promptly make corrections and resubmit on the same day.

Payment Posting

Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are promptly verified and recorded. Subsequently, any outstanding balances are applied to the patient's account. We also conduct checks to ensure that each claim receives the correct payment.

Patient Statements

Once all payers have confirmed and made appropriate payments, any remaining balance that is the responsibility of the patient is itemized in a detailed statement. This statement, showing the due balance, is then sent to the patient.

Follow-Up & Appeals

In the event of a denial, our Accounts Receivable (A/R) specialists investigate the reason behind the denial to address and rectify the issue, thereby facilitating the processing of the owed payment.

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